As World Burger ✈️Airlines takes✈️ off to another destination, we bid 👋farewell👋 to the gorgeous sights and flavours of 🇨🇺Cuba🇨🇺. We touch down in a land defined by its emerald rice fields, teeming megacities, graffiti-splashed jeepneys, smouldering volcanoes, bug-eyed tarsiers, fuzzy water buffalo and smiling, happy-go-lucky people. Welcome to the 🇵🇭Philipinnes🇵🇭! With delectable favourites, like the 🐔Crispy Fried Adobo Chicken and Ube Jam, 🌐🍔World Burger would like to introduce to you our latest creation. 🇵🇭🇵🇭The Pinoy Burger🇵🇭🇵🇭🍔
🐔Crispy Fried Adobo Chicken,
🧉 Ube Jam,
🧷2 x Lumpia Shanghai (Filipino Spring Roll),
🍳Fried Egg,
🥚Adobo Mayo,
🍔On a toasted Ube bun.
Available in-store and online.



  • Cuban spiced burger patty -Shoestring Fries -Smoked Ham -Cuban sauce - Pickle - Swiss cheese -Lettuce -Mayo - on a toasted bun


  • Margueritte
    Posted April 21, 2022 6:53 am 0Likes

    This is for Luke – Today I had the pleasure of being served by Katerina at your Windsor store – and I would like to commend her on the exceptional customer service. This was my first visit to one of your stores and within the first 30 seconds of our interaction I was blown away by Katerina’s enthusiasm and passion for your company and your product. I asked if she was the owner, to which she replied no. I commented on how lucky the owners were to have such an amazing employee who obviously treats the business as if it was her own. As a business owner myself I can appreciate the difficulty in finding staff who are as invested in our business – we are lucky to have a couple that I feel proud to have on our team for their dedication and Passion as well as for the pride they take in their work and in being part of our team. Having worked in customer service for years across a broad range of industries, making the customer happy and exceeding their expectations was something I took pride in – and when I believed in what I was selling or in the service I was offering, it came naturally and was easy to do. Customer service can however be one of the most difficult roles to do well. Katerina believes in your product and her passion is something very rare – she is an asset to your company and to your team and will be the reason I recommend your product to friends, family and clients. Please pass on my Congratulations To Katerina for providing a memorable customer service experience and for the best burgers we have had in a long long time! Keep up the good work and all the best! We need one of your stores in Wollongong! Kindest Regards, Margueritte and Jared Evans

  • Vikki Hanson
    Posted May 1, 2022 6:24 am 0Likes

    Can we get a World Burger in Redfern please 😊

  • Pete Grothen
    Posted July 5, 2022 7:32 am 0Likes

    Looks like we’re getting an outlet at East Gosford (Central Coast). Looking at the menu on this site, I’m looking forward to checking it out! Not sure when it’s opening.

  • Dave Stanton
    Posted September 15, 2022 5:50 am 0Likes

    My first Aussie burger and chips from world burger at Woodford, Blue Mountains. 5 stars from me as it filled me up. I can down a Macdonalds family meal deal of 2 large (what a joke!) and 2 small burgers and 4 small pkts of fries and feel bloated but not satisfied. Your Aussie burger not only filled me up it tasted great! Really good. Thanks to the team up here.

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